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April 2016

West Mercia Regional RDA Training  

Anona White Regional Coach, Lynne Munro Regional Physiotherapist, Carla Howarth Shropshire County Chair, Sue Lang Staffordshire County Coach and Karen Arnold, Warwickshire County Coach led the 65 delegates who attended the Regional training at Rodbaston College and Stourport Manor Hotel Last week.

  The evening was a coaches training event which encompassed useful information on rider assessments and ways to warm up and cool down; an in-depth discussion and sharing of ideas on lesson planning for walk only lessons  Delegates were  given the task of discussing and presenting their ideas on games and activities with and without any equipment. There were some great ideas which we want to share with you. Some RDA groups have limited resources but as you will see there are loads of ideas for games and activities without any equipment. Bonus is no expense, carrying or storing, just inventiveness! This is an ongoing resource so if you have any ideas just let us know and we can add them. Great ideas need to be shared!  See them on the coaching page.  The evening ended with a review of the Log Book and an explanation on how some of the content has changed and will be replaced by a new format of separate Log Books according to the stages of training- Trainee Coach; Assistant Coach;. Group CoachRDA Coach.This is an area which we all need to re-visit as there are changes to the content of the Log Book which some of you may not have been aware of. There are several new sheets which need to be inserted into the existing Log Books and which MUST be filled out. Anona strongly urged all Coaches to make sure that all Log Books are filled out correctly together with the new insertions. You can contact your County Chair or one of the County or Regional Coaches should you be in any doubt as to the additional sheets which you must have and although some material is on the website (links below) a couple of the sheets are only available from your County/Regional Coaches. For those with Log Books attained some years ago it is essential to make sure yours is up to date and filled in where required. It is an absolute necessity that we are all compliant with the rules and procedures in order to safeguard our liability should it ever be challenged, this extends not only to Coaches but to the Trustees of each group also. To this end all the relevant sections in the Log Book should  be filled out.


Fundraising: Mudtastik Mud Run 3rd April 2016

Go to Shropshire page for the report and more photos.

Picture in barrels show Lynne Munro, Alison Jones and Sam Davidson, instructors and volunteers from Perry RDA.

March 2016

Congratulations to Janet Alderton

from Ride 2 Achieve on passing the RDA Senior Exam 

August 2015

Special Olympics 

SAM OLIVER from Ride 2 Achieve represented Great Britain with 4 others in the Equestrian team. He won a Gold in the Trail Riding, a Silver in Dressage & Silver in the Equitation class. 



April 2015

West Mercia Volunteer of the Year 2015

Winner: Margaret Anderson 

The whole of the West Mercia Region and especially Shropshire RDA are thrilled to announce that Margaret Anderson has won RDA Volunteer of the Year for the West Mercia region.

Margaret works ceaselessly at a number of sessions throughout the week at North Farm Riding Centre in Ludlow as the backbone of Ludlow and District RDA. Margaret organises riders and carriage drivers alike and gives up a considerable amount of her time over what I believe is the largest RDA Group in Shropshire and contends for the same position in west Mercia.

Carla, Shropshire RDA Chairman, has visited the centre and seen Margaret at work. "She is professional and efficient but most of all has a great rapport with riders and volunteers alike".

Congratulations on an excellent achievement. Go Margaret Go!”

December 2014

Kyre RDA 40th Celebration

In December 2014 Kyre RDA held a lunch party kindly hosted by Geoff and Wendy Jones to celebrate 40 years participation with RDA. Forty guests were invited comprising current and past members plus some of our generous sponsors.

During the party our current Chairman Janet Lee presented Wendy Jones with a certificate for 40 years continuous service with Kyre RDA. Wendy was a founder member of Kyre RDA and was also Chairman for around 20yrs. She is still an active member of the team which is an amazing achievement after 40 years.

Kyre RDA Left to Right - Jane Jones, Louise Painter, Wendy Jones, Liz Mace, Helen Munro and Janet Lee with "Molly"

September 2014

Baschurch & Loppington RDA held an end of summer BBQ for Friday's session.  There were a table full of rosettes!  Good fun was had by all.


July 2014

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Malvern Hills RDA have released First Edition of

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April 2014
Changes to County Officers in West Mercia Region
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 December 2013

Herefordshire 2013 Roundup
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Congratulations to Lizzie Hill, Warwickshire Assistant County Instructor on the birth of a son.  

The Draw for The Jubilee Saddle kindly donated by The Worshipful Company of Saddlers took place at  RDA National Offices last week the saddle has been won by The Longlands Group in Worcestershire. 

 Success for North Staffordshire Group

Michael has been riding for several years and is also a much treasured volunteer on Monday mornings. I have the privilege in teaching him and have done for about 3 years. 
Over the long summer break we decided to take the opportunity to enter a dressage competition by way of a super facility that enables the rider to perform a test which is filmed and to upload it to a panel of judges who then score and place it." Dressage Anywhere " offer a range of tests for all abilities and so I found one that I thought would be suitable but also challenging for Michael.
We had four weeks to learn the test and to perfect it.  Myself and John Boote met Michael every Monday morning throughout the summer. Michael is a rather competitive young man and so he worked really hard in order to ride the test as well as he could.
All suited and booted the time came to film and my nephew, a talented young film maker kindly agreed to carry out the task. 
All that was left to do was to upload the film to the website and to await the results of the class into which Michael had been entered.
The test was available for viewing immediately and it was great to be able to log on and see not only Michael but all of the tests that had been submitted.
An email arrived in my in box a couple of weeks later with the results, a fantastic first place and a rosette! Michael was thrilled as we all were, the dedication and practise that Michael had shown was made evident by the look on his face when he received the rosette and read all the positive feedback on the score sheet.
The whole experience was invaluable to us all and we hope to carry on and do much more in the future
Kate Blakemore, North Staffordshire Instructor.

 29 October 2013

 The Supra Regional Conference


What a great day! An extended visit by HRH The Princess Royal in her capacity as President RDA was true icing on a very tasty cake. Some 300 people attended the day to be treated to a full and varied programme of activity, more than double the initial number!

Our day as hosts for the North West, North Wales and West Mercia gathering was long in the planning and was delivered with a warm welcome and smooth organisation by Celia Baker (Chairman) and Anona White and Doug Smith (Regional Instructors) with the help from Volunteers from across the Region.

With Visually Impaired Showjumping as a key feature it was entirely fitting and most welcome that Geoff Glazzard (Regional Vice President) gave his time to attend and to present recipients with certificates for over 20 years service. Well done to all and a HUGE thank you for your freely given time and enthusiasm.

In the morning, our day embraced a Walk Only Lesson (Dawn Whitmore-Kirby), How to Give Our Four Legged Friends a Chance, delivered with style, polish and good humour by Doug Smith, and featured a first class display of Dressage by Lee Pearson CBE. Visually Impaired Showjumping was demonstrated by Karen Law led by Deena Webster.  We were also given an insight into the newest discipline for RDA, Endurance, by Janet Alderton who showed that you need very little equipment to take this challenge on.    

HRH gave a warm address to keen ears throughout the audience. Some 1000+ years of dedication was a highlight of her talk. "These awards recognise devotion to others and are all richly deserved", was a short summary of our President's address, and spot on she was!

West Mercia Region Awards

The President’s Award

 Rosemary Stretch

Anona White 

 Over and Above

Rosemary Hoyes & Trevor Farmer

Regional Volunteer of the Year

Gina Hill - Ludlow & District

Long Service Awards 

40+ Years

Jean Midwood  -  Ludlow & District

Penny Gillett  -  Seechem

 35+ Years

Patricia Houghton  -  Stafford & District

Jane Jones -  Seechem

Sue O’Dowd  -  Wolverhampton & East Shropshire

 30+ Years

Peter Dickin   -  Ludlow & District

Pat McGregor   -  Loppington

Sue Lang   -  Stafford & Disrict

Janet Brooks   -  Stafford & District

Sue Heard   -  Baschurch Group

25+ Years

Vivian Butler  -  Seechem

Celia Baker  -  Hereford

Diana Garner  -  Straford upon Avon

Judith Shaw  -  North Stafford

Sheila Moss  -  Stafford & District

Lynn Griffiths  - Baschurch Group

Anne Tranter  -  Wolverhampton & East Shropshire

Anona White - West Mercia

20+ Years

Hazel West  -  Strafford upon Avon

Judy Croft  -  Seechem

Jane Colley  -  Seechem

Betty Lawrence   -   Derwen

Ann Edwards   -  Derwen

 Enid Pritchard  -   Derwen

Ruth Furnival  -  North Stafford

Mary Leather  -  North Stafford

Sandy Redfern  -  Stafford & District 

Doug Smith   -  West Mercia

Lynne Munro  -  West Mercia



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 Photos from the day may be found in  the gallery, guests from the event  may purchase directly from the website at very competitive prices. 

Link to the gallery is as follows

September 2013

Congratulations to the Perry Vaulters who won the RDA Walk Class  at BRITISH Vaulting CHAMPIONSHIPS - Leighton Buzzard

 In the early hours of the 22nd of September two vaulting teams from Perry RDA group in Shropshire set out on the long journey to the British Championships in Leighton buzzard. On arrival we were able to watch some of the senior and junior competitions whilst soaking up the fun and friendly atmosphere and also admiring the facilities the centre offered.

The two teams from Perry were:

Perry Green

Jake Thomas > Elliot Thomas> Tomas Evans> Madison Johnston Morris Katie Myles> Owen Thomas>

 Coach. Sam Davison

Perry Blue

 Jacob Surgenor> Blossom Burton> Katie Hayton> James Ashby> Louise Coyne> Jake Thoma

Coach Lynne Munro

Jane Baker kindly drove Stubbs down in the lorry. Stubbs performed outstandingly gaining many supporters at the competition and taking it all in his stride. Stubbs assisted both teams by getting high horse scores in both routines.

All the vaulters were rather nervous waiting to go into the competition circle however none of them let it show once they were competing. Both teams produced the best routines we had seen them do and it showed when the scores came out with both teams getting over 60% in the RDA Team Walk class. The team also received comment from the judge who had judged at Hartpury regarding how much they had improved.

Perry Green came out narrowly winning the competition becoming RDA British Champions followed by Perry Blue there was only 0.1 in it.

During the day we were all made to feel very welcome by everyone and it showed in the cheers from the crowd after both performances.

Of course a special thanks needs to go to the parents of the vaulters as without them none of it would have been possible they had all transported and bought team kit as well as their general support and enthusiasm within normal sessions makes it all possible.

Also thanks must be given to the vaulting coaching team who give up so much of their time to pull this all together.


Feb 2013

Congratulations to Warwickshire Assistant County Instructor Lizzie Parsons on her engagement 

Jan 2013

Congratulations to the following members of  Perry RDA Group on being awarded UKCC Level 1 

   Emily Swatman,  Madeline Swatman, Nicola Bromley,  Elizabeth Coleman,

 Jennifer Bonser and  Alison Jones RDAGI  

Dec 2012 


Congratulations to Claire  of the Seechem RDA Group who will be representing Great Britain in Skiing at the Special Olympics in Pyeongchang, Korea in January.

 Claire has been a rider with the Group for the last 5 years. Riding has helped her prepare for her big adventure on the slopes in top flight international competition.

 Good Luck from us all across the Region, we will all be following her progress closely.   

 The "Regional Qualifiers"  are to take place on 15 May 2013  

"Dressage Anywhere" intend to hold a monthly class for RDA riders and it is proposed to have the winner of each month's class compete in a final, the winner to receive their prize at the RDA National Championships in July.  

Nov 2012

Congratulations to Lynne Munro our Regional Physio who passed the RDAC 

Oct 2012

Congratulations to Sue Adams-Wheeler, Jane Barker and Ro Pudden on being appointed as Fellow of the RDA at the Coaching Conference.